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Rune Knight by M.R.Kelly



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ABOUT m.r.kelly

I'm from the West Midlands, United Kingdom and I've loved Fantasy books ever since I could remember. Many of my favourite authors inspired me to create Scribbled Pages.

One of my favourite series is by Raymond E. Feist. This long set of books spread over many series started the backbone of my reading life, and I've branched out from there. You can’t beat a good fantasy book that draws you in.

I don't just read Fantasy books, but Sci Fi and some Horror as well. Brian Lumley is one of my favourite Horror authors; Got to love his Necroscope series.

Sci Fi wise, I've recently embarked on reading the Horus Heresy Books, so any WH40K fans want to chat, come find me on my Facebook page.

Another Sci Fi favourite of mine is the Commonwealth books by Peter F Hamilton. Something about them speaks to me, almost as if we’re just short of springing into space. I hope I see humans living on other planets before my time here is done.

But… Back to my books. I've got a lot planned for my series including lots of spin offs, prequel books and further exploration of my world. So please follow me and keep your eyes peeled for my new releases.

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